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 Take a tour through the building and discover every nook and cranny of the Vooruit and the places you’d never otherwise see! Follow one of two routes through the building during your visit. Which one you chose is up to you (or are you a die-hard who’ll do them both?). During the tour you’ll encounter striking photographs and, via sound and video installations, see the history of the Vooruit through the eyes of various artists. You might bump into musicians rehearsing or find yourself in places that are normally off limits to visitors.

What’s on view changes every day: sometimes you’ll meet artists in residence or those creating installations. At other times, you’ll witness the staff at work or be able to participate in one of our many workshops. Sometimes, certain spaces might be inaccessible due to construction work. Furthermore, the exhibition will be supplemented and changed throughout the duration of the project – which means you can safely enjoy more than one visit.

The Café has been transformed into a temporary shop, where you can buy sustainable products, sample Triomfbier or join the co-working space.

The White Route takes you to the beautiful ballroom and lets you glimpse day-to-day operations in the offices of the Vooruit’s artistic team. From the Attic of the Vooruit, you’ll have a beautiful view over Ghent and be able to see how the Domzaal was once used as a gym. Discover interventions by visual artists, including William Pagan, Julien Maire and Line Boogaerts, and listen to a soundscape created by Ruben Nachtergaele from old Vooruit recordings. You might also chance upon musicians rehearsing in the Emiel Hall, where an impressive wall of posters will transport you back to the glory years - when the Vooruit was a temple of rock and national and international stars took to the stage.

Follow the yellow Route and you’ll find yourself in the Concert Hall that was used as a storage space until the restoration in the 1980s. Furthermore, you’ll also experience what it’s like to stand on the stage in the majestic Theatre Hall. You can stroll through the various foyers that look out onto the Zuid, take part in Artshare’s interactive tele-time machine installation in the Antiques Attic, or listen to the sounds captured by Aifoon in the building.

Practical info

  • The VOORUIT100-parcours is open from Wed - Fri (10-17h), Sa & sun (10-18h)
  • You can buy tickets in the Cooperette (in the Café) or online
  • € 6 (adults)
  • € 4.50 (65 +/persons with disabilities/groups from 15 persons/professional rate)
  • € 1 (19-26 years)
  • Free (under 19 years – only available at the ticket desk)

Written on 28.05.13