• Patat_(c)Jan_Goeman Patat_(c)Jan_Goeman
  • Pastapesto_(c)Jan_Goeman Pastapesto_(c)Jan_Goeman
  • Courgettepasta_(c)Jan_Goeman Courgettepasta_(c)Jan_Goeman
  Patat_(c)Jan_Goeman Pastapesto_(c)Jan_Goeman Courgettepasta_(c)Jan_Goeman  

Every day we offer a healthy, freshly made meal of the day (also for vegetarians, ofcourse). 

In July and August we offer a delicious Superbowl (with meat or vegetarian), soup, salads and spaghetti.

You can order food from 12:00 AM til 8:30 PM.

On the menu

  • daily special (fish/meat or vegetarian)
  • spaghetti, meat or vegetarian (€11) / children’s spaghetti (€9,0)
  • fresh soup of the day (€3,70 or €5,00 with organic bread)
  • Season salad with meat  € 13,50
    vegetarian season salad € 13,50
    Season salad with fish € 15,50
  • a variety of (organic) sandwiches with salad (from €3,50)
  • tapas (from €4,00)
  • desserts: brownie / strawberry crumble... (from €3,30)

Our dishes

Our kitchen staff is known for their delicious and fair trade food, reminiscent of traditional home-cooked meals. Using mostly organic ingredients, they manage to keep surprising us all with original meals at an affordable price.

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