In/Uit De Kast


A permanent location for inspirational work at Vooruit Café

The ONBETAALBAAR collective - with whom we previously collaborated on Green Bastards - built a closet in Vooruit Café during BLAUWDRUK. Not just any closet of course: IN/UIT DE KAST will be the most visible and permanent repository of STADSATELIER, City & Transition's successor. 

Beside numerous novels, poetry, and non-fiction, this construction will also host inspirational books, all freely available for consultation. A wide range of topics will be covered: urban development, green spaces, precarious housing, a new economy, the future of psychiatry ... In addition, you will also find work there in the future from STADSRESIDENTEN (CITY RESIDENTS), STADSTEKENAARS (CITY DRAFTSMEN), and plenty more interesting materials. 

IN/UIT DE KAST is no one way street. Do you have anything at home you think might be fitting? Bring it to Vooruit and put it in the closet.