Vooruit is renovating and moving


Vooruit is entering a year of great changes. The last phase of Vooruit’s big Renovations Masterplan will start during the Autumn of 2017. A new entrance hall as well as new artist studios will be built and we will add technical storage space. This will allow us to ensure that Vooruit remains a place where we can welcome visitors and artists in the best possible way, both now and in the future.

During the coming year, as a visitor, you will notice a lot going on in and around Vooruit. This means that sometimes you will have to take a detour to get to the right place. Certain productions will even take place at a different location. But don’t panic, we will provide clear signage where necessary and we will keep you informed in advance.

The first tangible step will be the temporary move of Vooruit’s Box Office. Starting in January of 2017 tickets will be for sale at the counter of the Groene Coop. Of course we will provide the promised signage on the premises. The aim is for the work to happen smoothly and safely with as little nuisance as possible for everybody, all this to ultimately make Vooruit into an even nicer place for visitors, artists, suppliers, companies and staff.

Do you want to find out more about our renovation plans? Check this page regularly or follow our mailings or social media for the latest updates. Still have questions or comments? Contact us at verbouwen@vooruit.be or just swing by.

The Vooruit Renovation Masterplan is made possible in part thanks to the Cultural Infrastructure Fund (Fonds Culturele Infrastructuur) of the Flemish Government and the City of Ghent.



These renovations are not Vooruit’s first rodeo. During the previous phases we created the big Patio (het Terras) next to the Café, with a covered bicycle parking (2012-2013), we made the Concertzaal and entrance area future-ready (2015) and the former COOP-supermarket - renamed Groene Coop – became the new work place for all of Vooruit’s support services (2014-2015).

The work that will be starting in the Autumn of 2017 will not pass you by unnoticed as we will tackle a few other important areas.



Vooruit is a place where over 350.000 visitor come and go every year, suppliers deliver and pick-up goods every week and artists bring their productions year-round. The most important thing of course is for everyone to keep feeling welcome at Vooruit, for visitors to easily find their way and for our suppliers, artists and staff to be able to work safely and smoothly.

What will happen concretely to the entrance area? First and foremost the space will become much wider, bigger and more enjoyable. The new Box Office – that will temporarily move to the Groene Coop – will also get a serious make-over, with the necessary attention toward even better customer service. The former Candy Store finally, the house to the left of Vooruit – will be included in the new entrance area. That space will also house the new artist studios.



Over the previous years, Vooruit offered many artists and companies a place to put together new projects in peace. With these renovations we are therefore also answering a cry for help from the artistic field: to provide more residence studios for producers.

We are building five new residence spaces on the ground floor and on the first floor. This will allow Vooruit to robustly keep supporting artists. The studios will be used flexibly for a variety of different activities: from development to rehearsal spaces for artists to exhibition spaces and spaces for workshops.

The Candy Store will be an integral part of this residence space, with a number of brand new studios as the icing on the cake. We will also incorporate green space into the Candy Store.



Vooruit has a rich artistic history, hosting bigger and bigger productions on and around our stages. All these productions also require quite a bit of technical support, and all the related materials require storage space. This is why these renovations include a number of new technical storage spaces, compliant with today’s safety requirements. This will allow staff, suppliers and artists to work even more smoothly and safely.



Vooruit cares a lot about sustainability, that is no secret, and these renovations will be no exception as we are making conscious choices to reduce our carbon footprint.

What are we doing?

  • The new channel in the entrance area will have a better environmental score than the current one.
  • We are opting for led-lighting everywhere.
  • The income hall and the areas behind it will become more user-friendly and safer than before.
  • The Candy Store will be transformed into a BEN-building (Bijna Energie Neutraal – Almost Energy Neutral). The front façade and the new façade of the Candy Store will serve as a climate façade. We will use the sun as a boiler to heat up and spread the air throughout the Candy Store. The green facades in that climate façade will purify the air.
  • In the basement we will install a rain water tank to flush the toilets and to supply the green façades of the Candy Store.
  • We will simplify the building’s logic: all artist-related functions will now be found in the front of the building.

Do you want to find out more about our renovation plans? Check this page regularly or follow our mailings or social media for the latest updates. Still have questions or comments? Contact us at verbouwen@vooruit.be or just swing by.