Open data

Do you want to use data from Vooruit to build your own application or website?

1. Event data

You can find all our event data in this JSON feed: http://www.vooruit.be/nl/agenda/feed

Feed info:

ID : unique ID
title : Event title
Artist: Artist / subtitle

Teaser: short description event
Description: long description event
Information: Credits
Schedule: Line-up
Hashtag: Twitter hashtag
Credits: Extra event information
Link / linktitle: link + link title 
Events: speeldata met unieke ID / beginuur / einduur / locatie

2. Nieuws data

All our News posts are available for use in this JSON feed via http://www.vooruit.be/nl/magazine/feed


Titel: title
Teaser: Short description news post
Description: Long description news post
Hashtag: Twitter hashtag
Author: Author of the post
Media: Pictures & movies